Copilot for

Customer Retention

Reduce churn by 20% in the first month.

Learn. Predict. Prevent.

As with most complex problems, the best place to start is at the end and work backwards. 

RetentionEngine reverse-engineers your customer journey, discovering what is going wrong for each customer, identifies trends amongst high value customers, identifies at-risk customers and then helps prescribes the actions to take in order to prevent churn. 

How It Works

Deep Exit Survey

When a customer first gives notice that they aren't going to renew or want to cancel, RetentionEngine's exit survey is the next step. RetentionEngine learns what is going wrong and then sends the feedback, analysis and suggestions for overcoming the objections to the proper team members.

Instead of relying on unstructured note-based feedback, RetentionEngine keeps this data structured in order to deliver deeper, more powerful analytics.


RetentionEngine dives deep into the problems and concerns your customers are having. 

- Segment issues based on lifetime value

- Cohort analysis

- Augmented with account demographics, usage, customer support

- Understand how to overcome objections

The structured data captured from former customers is aggregated along with demographic data, then compared to existing customers. This enables you to see which existing customers are trending in similar ways to former customers.

RetentionEngine then displays what interventions are most likely to lower the risk of a customer churning.

Predict & Prevent

Integrations to make things simple.

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