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Reduce Customer SaaS Churn

Understand why your customers are cancelling and prevent up to 41% of customer cancel requests.

81% of consumers report that companies could do something to retain them.

Learn why your customers are leaving and what you can do about it.

With RetentionEngine you can easily automate cancel requests with a simple flow that:  

  • Identifies areas of improvement
  • Learns what motivates customer to stay
  • Saves customers from cancelling

Learn from your unhappy customers.

RetentionEngine's exit survey helps you figure out what’s motivating your customers to cancel.

Identify patterns and trends from their responses to learn areas of improvement for your business.

See if there’s anything you can do to keep them.

RetentionEngine predicts which cancel resolution will most likely prevent a customer from cancelling.

Simply create offers in the RetentionEngine dashboard, and our algorithm will learn the best offers for your customers.

PS: Our cancel resolutions are powered by artificial intelligence.

Save up to 41% of your customers from cancelling.

Fewer cancellations = a near-immediate boost to your bottom line. Most RetentionEngine users save customers within hours of going live!


"From the moment we began working with the RetentionEngine team, they completely transformed our retention process and reduced our subscription churn rate.

Sang L, CEO at Facetory

"If you're a company that cares about keeping customers and reducing customer churn, RetentionEngine is a 'need to have' not a 'nice to have'. 

Michael S, CEO at Atlas Coffee Club

"RetentionEngine is super easy to set up. If you want to retain more customers or leave a good impression with the ones who choose to cancel anyways, add RetentionEngine to your tech stack. You'll be happy you did!" 

Theresa R, Keto Krate

Features RetentionEngine users love

Give 1-click pause option for customers

that just want a break.

Ability to create and automatically test new offers.

One final attempt to communicate with customers.

Easy customization and styling options.

Integrate with your subscription management platform in minutes.

Know why customers are leaving so that you can win them back later.

Conditional or Contextual

RetentionEngine enables you to design the 

ideal flow for your business.


Design flows based on rules, so that you can fully 

control the experience you want to deliver.


Or use RetentionEngine's AI to deliver personalized deflections based on what is most likely to result in

saving each unique customer.  



Online & Offline Cancels

Whether you currently handle cancel requests over the phone, in person, or online, RetentionEngine can help.

Augmented offline experiences:

  • Intelligently routes phone calls to the representative most likely to save the customer.
  • Handles call scheduling or on-site visits with a representative.
  • Provides suggested resolutions to the representative
  • Displays who the customer will be connecting with to eliminate the faceless and nameless processes that lead to poor experiences for the customer and your representatives.
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While RetentionEngine captures data from customers who are churning out, it is also establishing a machine learning model that can identify which of your existing customers are at-risk of churning in the future.

Predict & Prevent

Get started in minutes! No coding required.

Your cancel process should be a seamless piece of your customer experience. Upload your logo, add your brand colors, and you're good to go!

Easily customize RetentionEngine
to match your brand.

Get connecting by simply copying and pasting your API key. We’ve done all the hard work for you so you can fast forward to results.

Seamlessly integrate with your subscription management platform.

Integrations with your customers in mind.

Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know!

Get Compliant

With RetentionEngine you can rest assured that your business is compliant with new government regulations & card provider mandates regarding online cancellations

Cancel Prevention AI™

Our Retention Engine is the best source of knowledge for customer cancellation behavior in the world. Each experience teaches our Customer-Resolution Behavior Model™ how best to resolve issues going forward. 

This model is learning and optimizing every day, leaving you with a model to start with, even on day one.

How RetentionEngine Works

1. Cancel Request

RetentionEngine activates when a customer indicates they want to cancel their account.

2. Exit Survey

Learns what is going wrong for 

your customers.

3. Cancel Prevention

Delivers the deflection card that is most likely to resolve each 

customer's concern.

4. One-Click Pause Option

Ask customers if they'd like to pause their account instead of cancelling.

5. Predict & Prevent

Capture data from cancel experiences to predict which current customers are at-risk of churning 

in the future.

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