This week in churn - data and analysis

Drag and Drop Editor

Create and edit your Cancel Flow with a simple drag and drop editor.

Update your flow any time, without writing a line of code!

This week in churn - data and analysis

Video: Customer Interviews

In order to solve churn in a deep way, some times you need to dig deeper.

RetentionEngine 2.0 allows you to select a certain number of customers who you would like to have a recorded video interview with, in order to learn more about why they cancelled their subscription and their overall experience.

- You can have one of our customer success professionals hold the interviews (3rd party interviews) or you can have a team member hold the interviews.

- Scheduling is built right into the cancel flow, so there is no additional work required.

- View each video interview right from the dashboard along with data on each customer being interviewed.

- Optional incentives for customers to participate.

- Monitor trends across the interviews over time to see where you can improve.

This week in churn - data and analysis


Receive personalized recommendations every week based on your data:

- Recommendations on how you can improve your retention rates.

- Identification of customer segments with higher risk

- What you can do to save more customers.

- How you can improve your cancel flow.

- Treatment Templates

- Much more!

This week in churn - data and analysis

Win Back Former

RetentionEngine can now win-back your former customers.

RetentionEngine already knows which customers cancelled, why they cancelled, how valuable each customer was, and what didn't work to retain them. It uses this data to learn WHEN & HOW to reacquire former customers without any additional work.

This week in churn - data and analysis

Lifecycle Graphs

Handle churn proactively, with forecasts for existing customers.

Identify which segments of customers are most likely to churn and schedule treatments to retain them.


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Why our Customers love RetentionEngine

"From the moment we began working with the RetentionEngine team, they completely transformed our retention process and reduced our subscription churn rate."
"RetentionEngine is super easy to set up. With only the most basic effort setting up our RetentionEngine, we were immediately able to retain 20% of customers who would have otherwise canceled."
Marketing Manager
"Best software ever. RetentionEngine increased our retention by 166%!”
"The onboarding experience was great along with the use of the tool. The dashboard and features are easy to use, we're happy with RetentionEngine so far!"
CEO + 
"If you're a company that cares about keeping customers and reducing customer churn, RetentionEngine is a 'need to have' not a 'nice to have'. "

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