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Weekly Briefing: 3 Big Updates

3 Big Updates This Week For Retention Engine
Sarah Reyes
1 minute
Weekly Briefing: 3 Big Updates

Here's a quick briefing on the updates to RetentionEngine that rolled out this week:

1. Updated toolbar

We heard you. The flow designer toolbar was a little difficult to spot, so it has been moved to a much more convenient location, on the left side of the right panel:

2. Churn Risk Forecasts

For those on the Pro tier, Risk Forecasts are live! See when customers are most at risk of churning based on their location, plan, pricing, and more! Even see which risks are increasing over the course of your customer's lifecycle.

Check risk forecasts for segments of customers along with detailed risk assessments.

3. Smart Reactivations - Customized timeline

You can now adjust the timeline for how long after a customer cancels before smart reactivations start for them.

As always, if you have any questions please let us know! We're happy to jump on a call to troubleshoot or ensure your engine is following best practices!

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