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RetentionEngine 2.0 Is Here

Big update and big performance increase!
Sarah Reyes
5 minutes
RetentionEngine 2.0 Is Here

RetentionEngine 2.0 is here and we could not be more excited to share it.

We firmly believe that the biggest missed opportunity for subscription businesses today is improving their cancel flow. RetentionEngine was already the top-rated No-Code Cancel Flow, and 2.0 takes this to the next level.

What's New:

Drag and Drop UI: With 2.0, the new drag and drop, no-code builder makes it simple to see how your customers will move through your cancel flow. No more jumping across tabs. Design and preview as you design your flow.

Improved Previews: We heard you. It was hard to preview the experience your customers will experience with RetentionEngine. Consider this solved. Now you design while previewing and flip to full preview of the experience with one click.

Customer Video Interviews (Pro): In order to reduce churn dramatically you need to quantitative and qualitative information. RetentionEngine 2.0 allows you to select a certain number of customers who you would like to have a recorded video interview with, in order to learn more about why they cancelled their subscription and their overall experience alongside the data that comprises their entire customer journey.

- One of our customer success professionals holds the 10-15 minute interviews (or you can have a team member hold the interviews)

- Scheduling is built right into the cancel flow, so there is no additional work required.

- View each video interview right in the RetentionEngine dashboard, along with data on each customer being interviewed.

- Optional incentives for customers to participate.

- Monitor trends across the interviews over time to see where you can improve.

One-Click Win-Backs (PRO): RetentionEngine can now win-back your former customers. RetentionEngine already knows which customers cancelled, when they cancelled, why they cancelled, how valuable each customer was, and what didn't work to retain them. It uses this data to learn WHEN & HOW to reactivate former customers without any additional work. RetentionEngine will automatically email the customers who have cancelled, optimizing the outreach messaging and then reactivating them with ONE CLICK! No more emails that send former customers to log back in again, losing them before they convert. One click and their subscription is reactivated.

Forecasting (PRO): RetentionEngine isn't just for reactive churn mitigation. Now, you can use RetentionEngine to forecast which customers are at-risk of churn and see what you can do to retain them.

New PRO Tier: With the new PRO Tier of RetentionEngine, you'll get a guaranteed save rate of +30% or your money back. With PRO, our team will manage your engine for you, optimizing and tuning on your behalf. We're so confident of the effectiveness with this approach that we guarantee your save rate or your money back!

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