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📣 New RetentionEngine Release! 5 Big Updates and Announcements

New RetentionEngine Release! 5 Big Updates and Announcements
Sarah Reyes
2 minutes
📣  New RetentionEngine Release! 5 Big Updates and Announcements

We're excited to share some big updates to RetentionEngine from the last month and let you in on a few big changes coming in January.

NEW: Smart Reactivations

Reactivate your former subscribers with one-click. Smart Reactivations re-engages your former subscribers with offers/info based on why they cancelled in the past. Your former customers don't need to remember their password, they can simply click once to reactivate their subscription. This feature is now available for integrations with Recharge and we'll be rolling it out for other integrations in the coming weeks. Learn More or book a demo here

BETA: Customer Video Interviews

Ever want to know more about why your customers are cancelling and what you could do to win them back? We are running a BETA test that adds a final step to your cancel flow asking customers if they would be up for a video interview. There are only 6 spots left in the beta program! Click here to learn more

Introducing The Magnet:

The primary goal for us at RetentionEngine is to help subscription businesses become more sticky.

As with most things, the best ideas come from many minds so we decided to kickstart a community that helps facilitate the connections and collaborations of those working on subscription businesses. Learn more here

Expanding Customer Success

We've heard from many customers that our support and success could use an upgrade so we've doubled down, adding a full customer success team. The team will be reaching out to all of those on the Prime & Pro plans to help facilitate optimization of your engine. If you're not on one of those plans, never fear... if you'd like assistance or a review of your engine to make sure it's setup correctly, simply email our success team at!

Win A New iMac!

The engine with the best monthly save rate will win a new 24-inch iMac! Click here for details and opt-in for the contest

As always, don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or feedback!

Starting at $250/mo.

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