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California Automatic Renewal Law Compliance

Comply with California ARL And Retain Subscribers
Sarah Reyes
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California Automatic Renewal Law Compliance

For those concerned with compliance in regards to the recent California Automatic Renewal Laws, RetentionEngine has you covered.

The most recent amendment to the original law adds that businesses cannot create "further steps that delay the consumer’s ability to immediately terminate."

While we feel this law is burdensome and prevents businesses from identifying problems that would help them improve their products/services, RetentionEngine is the only cancel flow that identifies customers who are in California, enabling you to comply with the law and still request feedback from customers!

RetentionEngine Customers can find this simple switch in the cancel flow designer on the Elements tab. If you'd like to comply with the law for California residents but continue gaining feedback from your customers outside of California, you can start a free trial today!

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