Already saving customers for the best subscription brands

A No-Code Cancellation Experience that saves 20-40% of customers.

RetentionEngine connects to your ReCharge store to learn why your customers want to cancel and offer the ideal incentives to keep them.

Plans starting at $59/month.

Manually managing cancellations is time consuming and subjective. Static cancel flows are less customizable and less likely to retain customers.

RetentionEngine's automated cancel flow includes:

1. Exit Survey
2. Cancel Resolutions
3. Pause Options
4. Cancel Confirmation

Exit Survey

RetentionEngine's exit survey helps you figure out what’s motivating your customers to cancel.

Identify patterns and trends from their responses to learn areas of improvement for your business.

Dynamic Cancel Resolutions

Discounts aren't the only thing that save customers from cancelling! Our A.I. learns the optimal Cancel Resolution with each experience (and prevent discount gaming).

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1-Click Pause Options

Our pause options let customers skip service if they have too much product. Sometimes customers just want a break, but don't want to leave you for good! 

Retention Analytics

Easily understand your customers motivation for cancelling, and what's saving them. Segment your efforts based on cancel motivation.

Set up in 15 minutes.
No coding needed.

We've done the hard work so you don't have to! Get started by simply copying and pasting your API key from your subscription platform.

Why our Customers love RetentionEngine

"From the moment we began working with the RetentionEngine team, they completely transformed our retention process and reduced our subscription churn rate."
"RetentionEngine is super easy to set up. With only the most basic effort setting up our RetentionEngine, we were immediately able to retain 20% of customers who would have otherwise canceled."
Marketing Manager
"Best software ever. RetentionEngine increased our retention by 166%!”
"The onboarding experience was great along with the use of the tool. The dashboard and features are easy to use, we're happy with RetentionEngine so far!"
CEO + 
"If you're a company that cares about keeping customers and reducing customer churn, RetentionEngine is a 'need to have' not a 'nice to have'. "