Recharge Payments

Recharge Payments

 + RetentionEngine

Recharge Payments for Shopify Merchants

RetentionEngine integrates seamlessly with Recharge Payments, and currently serves +300 businesses who use Recharge to power their subscriptions.

Integration Process:

  • Simply generate a Recharge API Key and paste it into the settings of your RetentionEngine (30 second process)
  • Once you are done setting up your RetentionEngine you will receive a snippet that you will paste into your theme.liquid file (Shopify).
  • This snippet enables RetentionEngine to override the native Recharge cancel flow

Performance Boost:

  • The average Recharge customer will see a 161% improvement in save rate when moving from the native Recharge cancel flow to the RetentionEngine cancel flow

Improvements on Recharge native cancel flow:

  • Analytics - RetentionEngine provides in depth analytics to let you see which customers are cancelling, when they are cancelling, why they are cancelling, how many you're saving, how you're saving them, as well as forecasting your churn risk for existing customers.

  • Customer Context - while the Recharge cancel flow does allow you to set treatments based on the reason the customer is cancelling, RetentionEngine also allows you to personalize your cancel flow treatments based on how much the customer has spent, the plan they are on, when they signed up, how many orders they have received, their location, etc.
  • Video - with RetentionEngine you can add video to your cancel flow which has a profound impact on your ability to save cancelling customers.

  • Proactive Treatments (BETA) - RetentionEngine learns when customers cancel and for which reason they cancel, enabling you to establish Proactive Treatments that reduce the likelihood of a customer reaching the cancel flow! Identify when customers are at risk because of cost and offer them a discount ahead of time. Identify when customers are at risk. If interested in enrolling in this beta, please email us at
  • Smart Reactivations - RetentionEngine knows who cancelled, why they cancelled, and what didn't work to save them during the cancel process. This data is used to select the optimal reactivation campaigns and reactivates subscribers up to 7X more effectively than generic win back campaigns.

Starting at $250/mo.

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