Insights & Analytics

Keep track of why customers are cancelling, what can be done to keep them, which segments are churning, and how churn is trending over time.

Learn how to make your business more sticky

To build a thriving business  you need to make sure you don't have a "leaky bucket".

Learn how to overcome cancels

Learn what works to retain customers and what doesn't. Quickly iterate on new ideas for making your subscription more sticky.

See why customers are cancelling

Keep track of why customers are cancelling with ease. Use our no-code editing tool to quickly toggle on and off different reasons for cancelling so you can understand how your subscribers identify the issues/problems they are having.

Learn which segments are likely to churn early

RetentionEngine learns how different customer segments behave over time so you can get proactive.
Includes detailed segments:

- Location
- Acquisition channels
- Lifetime value
- Plan/product

Iterate Quick Without Writing Code

Use the no-code editor to make changes instantly. Toggle on and off elements of your cancel flow.

Forecast Segment Churn

See which segments of customers are at risk this week, month, and quarter.

Keep track of lifetime value

Track lifetime value for your customers

0ver 1,000+ Subscription companies are saving over $50,000,000 in Monthly Revenue