Prevent Membership Cancels 

With Artificial Intelligence

Automated Gym Membership Prevention that diverts up to 41% of membership cancel requests.

Seeing an increase in members cancelling due to the coronavirus?

RetentionEngine enables you to discover if concerns over the coronavirus are the reason for their desire to cancel and automatically share information with them on how you are handling the situation, precautions you are taking, and options you have for handling their membership. 

What happens when a member 

decides to your cancel their membership?

Cancel requests have long been treated as an afterthought, but the cancel event is one of the most important events in the customer journey.

The cancel event is an opportunity to learn what you need to improve for your members and most importantly an opportunity to overcome their concerns and retain them.

81% of consumers report that companies could do something to retain them.


Cancel Subscription

Autopilot For Cancel Prevention

The Bellwethr Retention Engine is an application that handles member cancel requests with artificial intelligence. 

Retention Engine learns what is going wrong for your members and then resolves issues, resulting in exponentially increased retention rates. 

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Step 1:

Deep Exit Survey

RetentionEngine captures relevant data from your members, discovering and learning what is going wrong, what you should work to improve, what you can do to win a customer back in the future, and much more.

How It Works

Step 2:



After learning about the concerns of the members, Retention Engine delivers the ideal intervention or sequence of interventions in order to save your member.

Results in save rates

as high as 41%. 

Online, Phone, In-Person

Whether you currently handle cancel requests over the phone, in person, or online, RetentionEngine can handle it.

Augmented offline experiences:

  • Intelligently routes phone calls to the representative most likely to save the member along with suggestions on how to save the member.
  • Handles call scheduling or on-site visits with a representative.
  • Displays who the member will be connecting with to eliminate the faceless and nameless processes that lead to poor experiences for the member and your representatives.
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It's Never too late to Save your Members

81% of consumers report that there was something a company could have done to save them before they cancelled.

Bellwethr's RetentionEngine discovers and delivers the right solution, at the right time, for each customer.

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Instant ROI and Revenue Boost

Up to 41% of members are saved by the Bellwethr Retention Engine, delivering a near-immediate boost to your bottom line.

Most customers see an impact the same day they onboard, some within hours.

(Actually the current record stands at 49 minutes. If you beat it, we'll send you a pizza🍕).

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– Michael S., Founder at Atlas Coffee Club

We’re really impressed with Bellwethr. With only the most basic effort setting up our Retention Engine, we were immediately able to retain 20% of customers who would have otherwise canceled. The software is super easy to learn/set up and their team is exceptionally responsive to any questions or suggestions we have...

~ Theresa (KetoKrate)

Beautiful Experiences 

for Your Members

Your cancel process should be a seamless part of your member experience. We’ve built Retention Engine so it's flexible enough to work for your specific business needs and customizable enough to look and feel like an extension of your brand.

Learn from your 

Unhappy Members 

RetentionEngine enables you to see a deeper understanding of what is going wrong with your members

Keep your finger on the pulse of your members and your retention efforts AND most importantly, what needs to be done to make them happy.


Cancel Prevention AI™

Our Retention Engine is the best source of knowledge for customer cancellation behavior in the world. Each experience teaches our Customer-Resolution Behavior Model™ how best to resolve issues going forward. 

This model is learning and optimizing every day, leaving you with a model to start with, even on day one.

Seamless Integrations

Retention Engine seamlessly integrates with leading membership platforms. No coding required. We’ve done all the hard work for you so you can fast forward to results.

30-Day Free Trial

Start Saving Members with Retention Engine today!

Retention Engine is only 

the Beginning

Retention Engine enables you to reverse engineer the member journey and apply your learnings to our entire Bellwethr Suite. 

Retention Engine can be connected to our other engines, so you can prevent cancels before they happen and optimize your win-back campaigns.