AI that reactivates your former customers with a single click.
RetentionEngine's Reactivation feature uses each customer's reason for cancelling and learns how to win them back.

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Win back your former customers with ease.

You are 40% more likely to convert a former subscriber than you are to convert a brand new one. But, you need to utilize the reason that customer cancelled in order to win them back.


RetentionEngine's state-of-the-art AI will learn the proper timing for winning back your former customers. You set your desired time window, and our AI takes care of the rest, learning when former customers are most likely to resubscribe.


The most important element for reactivating former customers is understanding the reason they left in the first place. RetentionEngine's cancel flow already knows why customers cancelled and utilizes this information in order to reactivate them later on.

Stop sending one-size-fits-all reactivation emails.

Reactivate A Subscription With One-Click

When a former customer decides to reactivate a subscription they are greeted with friction, like having to remember their old usernames and passwords. RetentionEngine lets your former customers resubscribe with a single click.

Iterate Quick Without Writing Code

Use the no-code editor to make changes instantly. Create offers for specific reasons without writing any code.

Easy Revenue

Reactivating former customers is low-lying fruit for growing your revenue. They already know about your business and you know why they cancelled.

0ver 1,000+ Subscription companies are saving over $50,000,000 in Monthly Revenue