Frequently Asked Questions

How does RetentionEngine work?

Dynamic Cancel Resolutions are continuously optimized to retain customers. With each cancellation experience, the algorithm records the outcome (success = saved customer, failure = cancel) and adjusts to make a better decision for the next experience. It learns and improves in real-time, without manual work for your marketing team.

Can Cancel Resolutions be specific to a cancellation reason?

Yes, you can designate which offer should be shown for which reasons by linking specific resolutions to reasons. This can be done on the edit page for individual offers, read more about linking cancellation reasons to offers.

What are the most effective Cancel Resolutions for retaining customers?

The most effective offers combine an incentive with key-value props. So remind customers why they signed up in the first place - share testimonials, give a sneak peek, and then throw in a discount to make it even more enticing to stick around. Oh, and don't forget to include a great image or GIF. See more examples of how merchants are using the RetentionEngine to engage with customers at the cancel event.

Can a Customer Claim a discount month after month?

We've got your back preventing customers from claiming discounts month after month. Our default is to wait 60 days before a customer can claim a second discount through RetentionEngine, but you can easily set this field to whatever you want!

How does RetentionEngine integrate with my subscription platform?

RetentionEngine integrates with your subscription management platform to update customer accounts based on their cancellation experience. There are two steps to connecting your RetentionEngine to your Subscription Management Platform.
     1. Adding your API Key
     2. Adding the RetentionEngine Code Snippet to your site

Follow our step by step instructions!

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

We love meeting and interacting with subscription businesses. Reach out to us via email at