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The No-Code Cancel Flow
For B2C Subscriptions

RetentionEngine captures insights on why your customers are cancelling, works to retain them, and identifies trends across the lifeycles of your customers.

Why The Need for A Cancel Flow?

- Unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning! What didn't work and who didn't it work for? What could change their mind? Can you fix it? All questions that RetentionEngine will help you answer.

~80% of customers report that a business could have done something to keep them before they cancelled.

- Your customers are your best source of marketing and... they talk. If the experience of cancelling is bad, potential customers will hear about it.

Churn is on the rise, but RetentionEngine saves you time and saves your revenue.

Exit Survey

RetentionEngine's exit survey helps you capture insights on why customers are cancelling, what kinds of customers are cancelling, what needs to be done to retain them, how valuable are your different segments, and what is the expected lifecycle for a customer.

Dynamic Cancel Treatments

Create treatments to overcome cancellation requests from subscribers. Learn what works, for which kinds of customers automatically.

Our A.I. learns the optimal Cancel Resolution with each experience (and prevent discount gaming).

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1-Click Pause Options

Our pause options let customers skip service if they have too much product. Sometimes customers just want a break, but don't want to leave you for good! 

Retention Analytics

Real time insights. Get answers to:
- Who is cancelling?
- Why they are cancelling?
- What is working to keep them?
- How valuable were they?
- Which customer segments are underperforming?
- What can be expected from each new customer?
- See video customer interviews (Premium & Enterprise)

NEW: Customer Video Interviews

Go deeper...

Select a portion of customers to be interviewed over video in order to learn even more about their experience, what went wrong, what you can improve and much more.

Set up in 15 minutes.
No coding required.

We've done the hard work so you don't have to! Get started via a
simple integration with your subscription platform.

Why our Customers love RetentionEngine

"From the moment we began working with the RetentionEngine team, they completely transformed our retention process and reduced our subscription churn rate."
"RetentionEngine is super easy to set up. With only the most basic effort setting up our RetentionEngine, we were immediately able to retain 20% of customers who would have otherwise canceled."
Marketing Manager
"Best software ever. RetentionEngine increased our retention by 166%!”
"The onboarding experience was great along with the use of the tool. The dashboard and features are easy to use, we're happy with RetentionEngine so far!"
CEO + 
"If you're a company that cares about keeping customers and reducing customer churn, RetentionEngine is a 'need to have' not a 'nice to have'. "

Features You'll Love

Some of the features our customers can't live without.

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