Cancel Flow AI For Reducing Voluntary Churn

Learn why customers are cancelling and take personalized actions to retain them or win them back.

Cut voluntary churn up to 47% and increase reactivations up to 5X.

No-Code Cancel Flow
For Subscription Businesses

RetentionEngine lets you build a dynamic cancel flow that captures insights on why your customers are cancelling, works to retain them, and then reactivates former customers.

Analytics For Voluntary Churn

Keep track of why your customers are cancelling. See which customer segments are underperforming and which are improving.

Overcome Churn
With Personalized Treatments

Deliver personalized treatments based on the reasons your customers provide for cancelling.

- One-click Pausing
- Discounts
- Product/Tier Swapping
- Reminders Of What They'll Be Losing
- NEW: Add Video Messages! (Save rate on personalized video messages is +40%!)

(PRO tier lets you deliver special treatments for customers based on their spend, lifetime value, and more).

Reactivate Former Customers With Personalized, One-Click Offers

You can't retain all of your customers forever. But former customers are 45% more likely to reactivate than a new customer is to convert. RetentionEngine's AI learns how to reactivate former customers based on the reason that they cancelled. It also learns the optimal time for reaching back out.

Customers can then reactivate right from the email they receive, with a single click. No remembering logins. Frictionless reactivations.

Every Cancellation Attempt
Is An Opportunity To Learn & Improve

Your cancel flow is an opportunity to learn why your product/service didn't work for a customer, which type of customer it didn't work for, and most importantly, what you can do to improve.

If you're not tracking cancel requests, you're losing valuable information

There's nothing more valuable than understanding what you need to improve in your business. Customers who are cancelling are best positioned to tell you

If you don't have personalized treatments in your cancel flow, you are losing customers that you could retain

RetentionEngine saves an average of 37% of cancelling customers. If your cancel flow lets customers cancel without an attempt at solving their issue, you are losing customers you could easily retain.

If you don't have a personalized cancel flow you're losing revenue.

If you're losing information and customers, you're losing the monthly recurring revenue that every great subscription business is built upon.

Personalized, No-Code Cancel Flows Are A Need To Have

Monthly Tee Club Increased Retention Rate By 166%

"Best software ever. RetentionEngine increased our retention by 166%!"

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Features You'll Love

Create your flow without writing any code and without spending valuable developer hours.
RetentionEngine Utilizes state-of-the-art AI that learns what works and optimizes itself.
15-Minute Setup
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